Corporate & Associate Event Travel Plans

In Response to COVID-19

It has come to our attention that many corporate and associations event travel plans require strict compliance in response to COVID-19 health and safety protocols. As a result, the president of Razamataz Events Unlimited has completed a COVID-19 compliance course with Health Education Services and is now certified as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. In this role, the Compliance Officer is responsible for establishing and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols, training staff and monitoring compliance throughout the duration of the gathering to prevent the spread of infection. The compliance Officer is not a trained medical professional. This is a support position to effectively control the speed but does not replace the need to have medics or for medical professionals to be engaged for emergency services or COVID-19 testing. Among the many duties of the Compliance Officer are screening guests, setting social distancing guidelines, setting up signs, establishing hand sanitizer stations, creating a COVID-19 guest questionnaire and registering names of all attendees. While there are many other duties to the position, you can see why having one person trained in the protocols responsible for all the tasks makes more sense that leaving it to internal staff or having attendees self regulate. If you have an upcoming gathering or would like to discuss the Compliance position in more detail, feel free to contact the president directly:

Email: Office: 914-654-9200 Mobile: 914-714-0046

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